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The Early Childhood Forum (ECF), brings together national organisations and professional associations in the early childhood sector for all young children from birth to seven. ECF exists to promote inclusion, challenge inequalities, debate issues, celebrate differences and develop consensus to champion high quality experiences for young children and their families.

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Stop Start - The Sutton Trust


The latest research for the Trust from Prof Kathy Silva, Prof Pam Sammons andd their team at the University of Oxford analyses the decline, adaption and struggle of Sure Start children's centres across England.  This was the subject of the talk given by George and Teresa Smith at the June meeting of ECF.

The link to the Stop Start report where it can be freely downloaded is at 


George and Teresa Smith's Sure Start presentation

The pdf version of the Powerpoint Sure Start presentation given by the Smiths on 8 June  is available by clicking this link:

Download: SSCCEarlyYearsForumJune2018.pdf

Baseline blog

From Dr Pam Jarvis:

Following Damian Hinds’ speech about going ahead with ‘those changes already announced and making their way through the system’ remaining the policy of the DFE, I posted this on my blog, making the point that children are not in statutory education in the first term of reception, and it therefore being parental choice whether or not they take the Baseline test. I thought it keeps up the pressure! You are all very welcome to tweet and facebook:


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