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The Early Childhood Forum (ECF), brings together national organisations and professional associations in the early childhood sector for all young children from birth to seven. ECF exists to promote inclusion, challenge inequalities, debate issues, celebrate differences and develop consensus to champion high quality experiences for young children and their families.

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At last month's AGM it was decided to reduce the membership fee for organisations to £60.  The treasurer is sending out sub requests now at this new level for the current year ending March 2023.

Also it was decided to introduce a new individual memebership category at £20 per year. More details to follow.

Lady Allen Memorial Trust

This trust is open for grant applications in 2023:

Lady Allen of Hurtwood Memorial Trust

About the Trust

The Function of the Memorial Trust
The Trust exists to encourage and promote the welfare and education of young children and their families – particularly those with noted disabilities and/or deprivations, and to continue work in the spirit of enterprise inspired by Lady Allen.

Who May Apply
Applications are invited from candidates with a scheduled project in mind who can offer full details of how the award will help them to gain specific knowledge and experience which will enhance the quality and nature of their work with young children and their families.

Who Will Receive an Award
Selected candidates will be chosen in consideration of the merit of their proposals. Successful named candidates will be required to show the benefit of their work with specified children, as a direct result of receiving an award.

What is the Award Worth
The awards, granted annually, normally in the region of £1,000.

Application Forms and Further Details
These are available from the Hon Secretary to the Trust, Caroline Richards, 89 Thurleigh Road, London SW12 8TY or you can download them directly from this website.

Latest EC degree guide


ECSDN's latest guide is available at:

https://www.ecsdn.org/guide-to-early-childhood-degrees/ -:

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